Country: Germany
Year of birth: 1986

-About Me-

I'm studying economics and aditionally work as a student assistant to earn some money. I love traveling and try to have as much fun as possible since I'm sure that there will never be that much freetime and -dom when I'm gettin a real job xxxwink.gif ... I guess ... Grin . In my freetime I'm doing sports, playin' computergames, listening to music, watching movies or just hanging around with friends.

-Favourite Weapon-

Favourite: Shock, Sniper
Dislike: Bio


Favourite: Necro and Kargo, Yard is funny 2
Dislike: Suspense Necris and Containment


Favourite: Viper, Fury (inside msn012.gif), Scorpion
Dislike: Hellfire, Fury (outside tongue)

-Favourite Non-UT3 Games-

Final Fantasy, ProEvo and Soccer Manager, Die Gilde, WC III and ooold N64 games like Mario Kart and Super Smash Brothers wink2.gif