Country: Germany
Year of birth: 1993

-About Me-

I'm a motorbike loving German student who likes to party and used to own get owned in UT3.

-Favourite Weapon-

Favourite: Sniper Rifle, Flak Cannon, Link Gun
Dislike: Rocket Launcher, AVRiL


Favourite: Deck-FPS, Flustered-LE, Necropolis, Sandstorm
Dislike: Codex, Suspense, Corruption, Serenity


Favourite: Nemesis, Scorpion
Dislike: Cicada, Scavenger

-Favourite Non-UT3 Games-

Rainbow Six Vegas, Dishonored, Diddy Kong Racing (N64), Tomb Raider, Call of Duty 2, Medal of Honor:Allied Assault, Serious Sam and the FIFA series.