Country: Poland
Year of birth: 1987

-About Me-

I am studying at University of Silesia, being on last year now. Learning about journalism, literature, film and theater. In free time I love to party, travel, listen to extreme metal and ski. I am playing games since Wolfenstein 3D and still looking for more! :)

-Favourite Weapon-

Favourite: Rocket Launcher and Shock Rifle
Dislike: Bio and Stinger


Favourite: Deck, Codex, Diesel, Heat-Ray, 1on1-Pure, Cheops, Downtown, Avalanche, Serenity, Necropolis, Andromeda, Basically
Dislike: Arsenal, Deimos, DarkMatch and all small VCTF spam maps


Favourite: Small and fast, Manta, Viper, Scorpion and Scavenger
Dislike: Flying ones, Raptor, Fury and Cicada

-Favourite Non-UT3 Games-

Wolfenstein, Doom, Duke Nukem, Unreal, Starcraft, Diablo, Prince of Persia, Heroes of Might and Magic, Fallout, Baldur's Gate, Warcraft, Dragon Age, PES, God of War and Sokoban :P