Country: Finland
Year of birth: 1985

-About Me-

I'm studying Information Networks, which is a glorified term for Computer engineering and economics. Hopefully in two years I'll have my masters degree. whistle
As for hobbies most of my time goes with sitting in front of my computer. Besides playing games I also watch a lot of anime. I'm currently studying Japanese and I'm planning to go work there after I graduate here.

-Favourite Weapon-

Favourite: Shock, Link, Rockets, Sniper
Dislike: Stinger, Flak


Favourite: Necropolis, Rails, Cold Harbor, Floodgate, Confrontation, Under, Campgrounds, Bloxeh, Wootabulous, Sentinel...
Dislike: Supense-Necris, Stranded, Deck...


Favourite: Scorpion, Viper, Darkwalker, Tank, Scavanger
Dislike: Fury, Hellbender

-Favourite Non-UT3 Games-

Baldur's gate, Dragon age, Diablo, Half life, Thief, Deus ex