Country: Germany
Year of birth: 1982

-About Me-

I work in an international company and control CNC-controlled machines
Hobbies: fitness studio,rollerblades,swimming

-Favourite Weapon-

Favourite: shock rifle, rocket launcher, flack cannon, sniper rifle, bio rifle
Dislike: Redeemer


Favourite: Waterfalls, BitterEnd, Grendelkeep, Under2, CampGrounds, Q1DM6TheDarkZone, rttbp, Heat Ray-CE, Rankin, Necropolis, Kargo
Dislike: Corruption,Stranded,Suspense/Necris


Favourite: Scorpion,Viper
Dislike: Nightshade

-Favourite Non-UT3 Games-

PC: Command & Conquer 3