Match Report

4 : 1 Shadow Soldiers

After a bad mistake when $$ gave us their Fury in Sandstorm, Splitter was able to hold it for more than 10 minutes. Wojci and Bloody.Bender had enough time to steal the flag. Mordsspass and Vegaskill made trouble with Darkwalker and Nemesis. While they were attacking Splitter killed the most $$-flagcarriers with the enemy Fury. They lost the map control and the match.

score screenshot

6 : 1 Shadow Soldiers

When all tried to get the map control, especially the Darkwalker in the midfield, Splitter went quiet and unseen into the $$-base and stole with the cover of all others the flag. No defence on $$ side. Wojci took or destroyed the Darkwalker all the time. Mordsspass killed everthing that came closer than 15 meters to our flag and Vegaskill was holding the middle with the Nemesis and covered the flagcarriers. Bloody.Bender stole flags together with Splitter and was support.

score screenshot


May 25 2009

20:00 (CET)


official ClanBase vCTF match

Final Score

Dark 10 : 2 SS

SS Line-up

Above, Bezduszny,
R3nO, $ava_ON,
TaMaDe, darkskorpion93

Dark Line-up

Bloody.Bender, Mordsspass, Splitter, VegasKill, Wojci

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